Experience IOL vision prior to implantation.

A person’s conscious experience cannot be captured by reductive analysis.

Prof. Thomas Nagel, philosopher

No one can tell for sure how a person perceives the world through their eyes. Except the person themselves. No ophthalmologist can predict 100 % what the vision of a person with their IOL will be. Except with SystemRALV.

Full focus on the patient

  • SystemRALV is a revolutionary modified patient selection solution prior to refractive lens exchange.
  • SystemRALV is the trial vision test for the selected IOL.
  • SystemRALV is the missing link between preoperatively predicted and postoperatively achieved vision.
  • Before surgery, SystemRALV provides an answer to the question of

What will my vision with the IOL be after refractive lens exchange?

A masterpiece of optics at the core

The smart design of the RALV hardware conceals an ingenious masterpiece of optics. With individually equipped IOL shuttles. Controlled by the RALV app. RALV is no virtual simulator, but real vision through a genuine IOL!

RALV stands for Real Artificial Lens Vision. RALV is a product of DEZIMAL GmbH.

What is RALV?

A novel, non-invasive system for 100 % subjective predictability of achievable vision after implantation of an IOL.

Who is RALV for?

Allows presbyopic people with a clear lens, who desire spectacle independence, a preoperative look through genuine intraocular lenses.

How does RALV work?

Allows people prior to implantation to subjectively experience, compare and digitally assisted measure, which specific IOL provides the best vision for them.

Smart, functional design. Realistic visual impression looking at objects/pictures in the room. Intuitive operation.
(illustrations © DEZIMAL GmbH, 2023)
Compatible with all commonly used IOL models, optics and dual-lens systems. Quality assurance through NFC coding. ZERO shuttle for neutralizing the natural lens. Corrective lenses for cylinders.
(illustrations © DEZIMAL GmbH, 2023)
Interactive visual acuity, contrast and halo/glare test. Self-measurement by the patient. Digital data acquisition and documentation.
(illustrations © DEZIMAL GmbH, 2023)

A masterpiece

truly shines only in the proper setting.

1stQ integrates SystemRALV as a standardized process into your pc-IOL workflow

  • Reliable results
  • Resource-optimized
  • Reproducible

The new patient journey for refractive lens exchange

1 Patient selection
Visual acuity quick test
1 Patient selection

1stQ visual acuity quick test:

Digital RLE suitability test. For the safe selection of suitable RLE candidates. Determines at the very beginning of the patient journey whether a patient is suitable for refractive lens exchange.

2 Patient information
Virtual vision experience
2 Patient information

1stQ virtual vision experience:

Digital patient information including AR vision simulation with monofocal, EDOF, and multifocal IOLs. Educates the patient of what the problem is, why they have it, and what they can do about it.

3 Trial vision test & decision on IOL
Overall visual impression
3 Trial vision test & decision on IOL

RALV trial vision test:

Preoperative trial vision test through the actual IOL. Gives the patient reassurance about what the vision will be through their preferred IOL. The subjective overall visual impression with the real IOL can be experienced and compared, and enables a self-determined IOL selection.

4 Preoperative measurements
Visual acuity, contrast, halo/glare test
4 Preoperative measurements

RALV preoperative measurement:

Quantitative measurement of visual acuity, contrast and halo/glare using the real IOL. What is my vision with the preferred IOL?

5 IOL implantation
Liberty² – The dual-lens system
5 IOL implantation

Liberty² – The dual-lens system (optional):

Securing the predicted surgical outcome from the IOL side. The reversible and at any time optically adjustable trifocal Liberty² dual-lens system.

6 Postoperative measurements
Visual acuity, contrast, halo/glare test
6 Postoperative measurements

RALV postoperative measurement:

Quantitative measurement of visual acuity, contrast and halo/glare with the implanted IOL. Do the preop predicted and the postop achieved vision match?

Standardized SystemRALV provides a revolutionary new level of reliability in predicting the outcome of surgery.

Leading begins together

Shape the future of lens surgery with 1stQ and SystemRALV. Now.

  • Reliable results
  • Safe patient selection
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Reproducible results owing to standardized processes
  • Resource-efficient
  • Optional: Liberty² guarantees results through reversibility

Leading product – strong partnership

RALV is a product of DEZIMAL GmbH. DEZIMAL is a spin-off of ACMIT GmbH (Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology) with a focus on medical engineering and biomedical product development for ophthalmology. DEZIMAL is manufacturer and distributor of RALV. All rights reserved by DEZIMAL GmbH.

1stQ and ACMIT have been working on joint projects since 2012, pursuing a vision of 100 % predictability in refractive lens exchange. As an IOL specialist with over 30 years of experience in lens surgery, 1stQ has been involved from the outset in the development of RALV as a consultant. The RALV market launch in 2023 by DEZIMAL GmbH marks a milestone on the way to completing “Vision 100 %”.

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